CSU Extension’s annual custom rates survey goes live Valentine’s Day

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For over 30 years, Colorado State University Extension has conducted a survey of custom rates charged for various crop and livestock operations and lease arrangements in Colorado to help agricultural producers make more informed decisions. Data is collected from agricultural producers, landowners and managers, lenders, agricultural consultants, machine operators, and Extension agents.

This year, for the second time, the custom rates survey will be available for producers and agribusiness owners to complete online. Participants can complete the survey starting on Valentine’s Day and through March 10, 2023.

Complete the Survey

Informing agribusiness decisions across the state

The results of the annual survey inform Custom Rates in Colorado, one of the most widely used publications available from the CSU Agriculture and Business Management (ABM) Team.

The report provides valuable information needed to develop enterprise budgets, cash flows, operating loan limits, and investment decisions. Producers around the state use the report to better understand custom rates to make informed business decisions, budget accurately, and plan for the coming year.

“Agricultural lenders use the data as a lending criterion and information. The state of Colorado and county assessors use this survey results as one factor in determining assessed valuations of agricultural land and property tax rates,” said Brent Young, regional Extension specialist in Agriculture and Business Management.

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With nearly 60 years’ combined experience, CSU Extension's Agriculture and Business Management Team is a valuable resource for the Colorado agriculture industry.

Why should I complete the survey?

  • The Custom Rates Report will allow you to advertise custom services or locate and hire custom service operators in your area.
  • More responses ensure more accurate data and a more complete list of rates for today’s practices. These determined rates influence land appraisal values, your property taxes, and more.
  • Information from the report is used by elected officials to inform federal, state, and local policy, including crop insurance.
  • Your responses are safe and anonymous.
  • It’s easy to complete online.

What if I have questions about the survey?

Your CSU Extension Agriculture and Business Management Team is here to answer your questions!

About the ABM Team: Decades of experience providing resources

With nearly 60 years’ combined experience, CSU Extension’s Agriculture and Business Management Team is a valuable resource for the Colorado agriculture industry.

In addition to the Custom Rates Report, the ABM Team helps farmers and ranchers in Colorado manage risk in their operations by: providing group education and one-on-one coaching; developing resources to aid in decision making and planning; and researching critical aspects of agricultural risk.

Learn more about the ABM Team.