JJ Brown wins the Colorado Sports Team category of Eagle County Fair & Rodeo’s annual Pretty Baby Contest

Brown family wins Colorado Sports Team category as CSU alum

The votes are in, and the Brown family are Eagle County’s biggest CSU supporters. Pam and Jasen Brown entered their son JJ in the Eagle County Fair & Rodeo’s annual Pretty Baby Contest where he won the Colorado Sports Team category.

Regarding her experience Pam says, “We’ve lived in Eagle County now for six summers and we always go to the rodeo. We’ve always seen CSU as a presence at the rodeo, and it reminds us of our CSU days. This year I noticed that there was a pretty baby contest, and one of the categories was Colorado sports teams. We’re huge Colorado State fans, including past football season ticket holders, so I dressed the family up and decided to enter.”

Pam and her husband Jasen are CSU alumni and are raising their two children as CSU fans. The Eagle County Fair & Rodeo allowed the Brown family to connect back to their CSU roots and celebrate their past as students and present as alumni.

Much like the Eagle County Fair & Rodeo, you can find CSU at the 150th annual State Fair in Pueblo on August 26 – September 5. From virtual reality learning to interactive educational demonstrations, come see what CSU is up to in communities across Colorado.

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