Growing season is here! Expand your garden knowledge with PlantTalk Colorado

The trial gardens at Colorado State University
The trial gardens at Colorado State University

Despite the wild swings in weather, spring has arrived in Colorado. It’s growing season!

Free online gardening resources from Colorado State University

Whether you’re a seasoned gardening pro or this is your first foray into the world of growing, PlantTalk Colorado is your one-stop-shop for all things garden. PlanTalk Colorado offers reliable, timely information on more than 600 horticulture topics. With new information every month, you’ll always have the most up-to-date resources at your fingertips. Topics include everything from lawn landscape care to insect and plant disease problems. Learn how to grow your own tomatoes, plant, fertilize and prune fruit trees, and care for ornamental plants around your home or business.

Your team of horticulture experts

The PlantTalk team includes expert horticulturalists from Colorado State University Extension, the Denver Botanic Gardens, and GreenCo. 

  • CSU Extension: CSU Extension is dedicated to serving the current and future needs of Coloradans by providing educational programs and services that empower individuals and communities to thrive. With offices across Colorado, CSU Extension programming and resource areas include animal health, agriculture, yard and garden, natural resources, nutrition, home and family finances, 4-H youth development, and more.
  • Denver Botanic Gardens: Denver Botanic Gardens strives to entertain and delight while spreading the collective wisdom of the Gardens through outreach, collaboration, and education.
  • GreenCo: The Green Industries of Colorado is an alliance of seven trade associations representing all facets of the horticulture and landscape industries.

Don’t be overwhelmed by the challenges of gardening in Colorado. This online resource will give you the confidence to have the best garden ever. Learn more and get started and