CSU Spur’s Second Saturday offers free, family fun and Extension programming

A young girl laughs with excitement at CSU Spur's Second Saturday
Young visitors at one of CSU Spur's 2nd Saturdays.

CSU Spur is always free and open to the public, but every second Saturday of the month brings extra programming and family-friendly fun for visitors. On December 10, CSU Extension specialists will joining the festivities to offer engaging activities where you can:

  • Get your hands dirty learning about soil and explore its unseen world under a microscope
  • Make LED luminaries to decorate your home for the holidays
  • Explore the progression of agricultural power tools through time
  • Learn about different cattle breeds and the beef industry

Visitors will also be able to play in a mock veterinary clinic, experience virtual reality and dig into Spur’s rooftop greenhouse. Learn more at: csuspur.org/2nd-saturdays-at-csu-spur

CSU Spur Hours

– Monday-Friday: 9 a.m.-5 p.m.
– 2nd Saturday of every month: 10 a.m.-3 p.m. (closed all other Saturdays)
–Sundays: Closed

Soil activities

A macro photo of soil and a sprouting leaf with a graphic of a microscopePresented by Kristi Bartolo, CSU Extension Agronomy Agent, Pueblo County

Learn about what soil is, its various parts, and the role it plays in agriculture, especially as it relates to crops and water. There will be hands-on demos including soil texturing and looking under the microscope at soil microbes.

LED luminaries

Decorated luminary bagsPresented by Ruben Flores, CSU Extension Rural Initiative Accessible Education Specialist, Mountain Region

Visitors will make luminaries to decorate their home for the holiday season. The fun, hands-on activity will give visitors the chance to color a holiday greeting sheet and attach it to their luminary. A tea light LED candle will be provided for safe illumination.

Simple & powered ag tools

Presented by Travis Taylor, CSU Extension Livestock Agent, Golden Plains

Visitors will be introduced to the definition of horsepower and explore how technology has changed the size and scope of what modern agriculturists are able to accomplish. You will also be able to experience a lever and pulley demonstration highlighting how simple tools can multiply force.

Beef cattle production

Cattle eat hay in a fieldPresented by Scott Stinnett, CSU Extension 4-H Youth Development/Livestock Agent, Kit Carson County

Visitors will learn about the importance of the beef production industry as a food and fiber source, as well as its role in the economy. At the end of the session, visitors will be able to identify different cuts of beef, why humans use cattle as a resource, and why cattle are ruminants.

Taters for your tots

There are more than 200 varieties of potatoes sold in the U.S.

This second Saturday also brings a day of special programming centered around your favorite tuber, the potato!

With activities spanning three floors, this is the perfect opportunity for youngsters to try their hand at potato stamp art, learn about the differences between wild and domesticated varieties, and see the different ways potatoes are used in cooking. Pro-tip for young and old: they don’t always need to be deep-fried and salted like winter road!

The programming will be put on by CSU faculty, grad students and University staff, and is a great opportunity to learn more about the versatile root vegetable that was first domesticated roughly 10,000 years ago.

Equine demonstrations

Equine therapy
Equine therapy at the Temple Grandin Equine Therapy Center at CSU Spur.

Visitors will also be able to watch a therapeutic horse-riding lesson, where equine experts teach horsemanship skills to riders with special needs.

The goal of adaptive riding is for students to learn to ride independently while also developing skills that will support their daily lives, like communication, balance, strength and the ability to overcome sensory challenges.

Visitors will even be able to ask questions to an instructor in the arena about what they’re teaching during the lesson via a headset. A beginning rider lesson will also be taking place.