Employee Study Privilege + CSU Online: Advance your education for free, on your schedule

With a new academic year kicking off this summer, now is a great time for Colorado State University staff to take advantage of the Employee Study Privilege (ESP) a benefit that provides free tuition to CSU courses and reciprocity with CSU Pueblo and CSU Global. ESP provides up to 9 free college credits per academic year for eligible employees, removing financial barriers that may prevent staff from continuing their education.

Employees can further take advantage of their Employee Study Privilege by taking courses through CSU Online. With CSU Online, employees can study anywhere, at any time, on their own schedule. CSU Online offers 13 undergraduate, 34 master’s and 4 doctoral degrees, plus 39 graduate certificates and a suite of professional education courses. Eligible employees can learn more and register through CSU Online.

In their own words: CSU employees on the benefits of Employee Study Privilege

Steven Gaisford

I earned my M.Ed. in Adult Education & Training in Spring 2015 through CSU. Due to my commitments to work and family, I could only take one course a semester. Fortunately, this pace aligned perfectly with the benefits provided by the Employee Study Privilege and I was able to complete my full master’s degree without paying any tuition out of pocket! It is fair to say that I wouldn’t have advanced to the position I am in today without earning my master’s. Completing my degree would not have been possible without the availability and flexibility of online classes and the ability to fund my education using the Employee Study Privilege.



Peggy Stoltenberg

The Employee Study Privilege has been a game-changer for me. Since my office is located in Sterling, it was important for me to be able to take courses remotely. The CSU Extended Campus staff was amazing! They walked me through the logistics of getting classes approved through ESP and my advisor even helped me identify classes that would be of benefit to me right away, based on the projects I was working on at the time. The ESP, in combination with the flexibility that CSU Extended Campus offers, has helped me earn a promotion to my current position while still allowing me to manage my very busy four generational household.  If I can succeed in the ESP program with my busy life, anyone can. Don’t let this amazing benefit go unused – get your certificate or degree using ESP!



Alysha Tarantino

I earned my M.Ed. in Organizational Learning Performance and Change through my CSU Employee Study Privilege (ESP). I took one class per term, which worked out so well for my family and my work-life. The program was very applicable to my work and the case-studies we wrote and learned from allowed me to apply the content to my job. Coursework through CSU Online allowed me to be a mom, employee and student all at the same time. I am grateful for the benefit and for the program!



Joy Nyenhuis

I completed my master’s degree with CSU Online in 2020 during a pandemic, while working full-time, and being a mother of 2 high school boys. I work with CSU Extended Campus and every day I speak with prospective CSU students who are wondering how they are going to pay for the classes they wish to take or the degrees they desire to earn. Luckily for CSU employees, the Employee Study Privilege means that finances don’t have to be a barrier to continuing education.



Take advantage of your Employee Study Privilege today. Learn more and register online.