Colorado Water Center tackles tough questions on climate change and adaptation in latest issue of Colorado Water

June 2021 edition of Colorado Water
The Colorado Water Center published its June 2021 edition of Colorado Water.

As the planet warms and our climate changes, it becomes even more clear that our natural resources are not only incredibly valuable, but limited. Water is arguably our most valuable natural resource. We depend on a reliable, clean supply of drinking water to sustain our health. We also need water for agriculture, energy production, navigation, recreation, and manufacturing.

Many of the uses that put pressure on water resources are likely to be exacerbated by climate change, with warming temperatures increasing water demand while shrinking water supply.

In this issue of Colorado Water

Colorado Water is the Colorado Water Center’s free publication devoted to highlighting water research and activities at CSU and throughout Colorado. In the June 2021 edition, the Colorado Water Center dives into how climate change impacts water resources and what this means for communities.

Read insights from experts on current climate conditions, the 2000-2021 “Millennium Drought,” future estimations of water flows, collaborative partnerships, and how our water managers plan to adapt to fundamental water resource changes.

Highlights from the June 2021 issue include:

  • How is Climate Change Impacting Colorado River Flow
    • Brad Udall and Dr. Jonathan Overpeck
  • Embracing Climate Change in the Colorado Water Plan and in Local Communities
    • Russell Sands
  • The Water Problem: Historical Observations on Climate Change
    • Taylor Schulze
  • Climate Change and Forest Regeneration: What to Expect and Where to Go
    • Ethan Bucholz and Dr. Amanda West Fordham

And so much more! Download the June 2021 edition of Colorado Water and explore the archives.

About the Colorado Water Center

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