2023 Food Safety Trainings for Cottage Foods Producers

Updated: 1/3/2023

A baker kneads dough
Register for a CSU Extension cottage food safety training session to jumpstart your journey selling homemade food.

Running a homemade food business can be a great way to bring in extra income and get your favorite recipes out into the world while doing something you love on your own terms.

By completing one of CSU Extension’s cottage food safety trainings you will earn the food safety certificate required to get started and also gain the knowledge and resources needed to successfully launch your home-based food business. Proof of attending an approved food safety training is also required to sell food at most Colorado farmers’ markets.

A survey of Colorado producers showed that the most common cottage products are baked goods, honey, jams and jellies, and spices, with many more options eligible.

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Participants will learn about: basic food safety, what foods you can make and sell from home, ingredient labeling and disclaimer requirements, special considerations for food preparation at altitude, and resources for going further.

Upcoming Courses

Before you sign up, confirm the product you plan to sell is eligible under the Cottage Foods Act.

Date Day Time Cost Format Registration Link
1/23/23 Mon. 1pm - 5pm $50 Online Register
1/27/23 Fri. 9am - 1pm $50 Online Register
2/8/23 Wed. 1pm - 4pm $50 Online Register
2/22/23 Wed. 5pm - 9pm $50 Online Register
3/10/23 Fri. 9am - 1pm $50 Online Register
3/29/23 Wed. 1pm - 4pm $50 Online Register
4/12/23 Wed. 1pm - 4pm $50 Online Register
4/21/23 Fri. 9am - 1pm $50 Online Register
5/20/23 Sat. 9am - 1pm $50 Online Register
6/1/23 Thu. 1pm - 5pm $50 Online Register
8/28/23 Mon. 1pm - 5pm $50 Online Register
10/6/23 Fri. 12pm - 4pm $50 Online Register

Classes are offered with technical support from the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment. Learn more about CSU Extension’s cottage food safety trainings at: foodsmartcolorado.colostate.edu/food-safety/cottage-retail-foods

About the Cottage Food Act

Colorado Senate Bill 12-048 allows individuals to produce, sell and store certain types of “cottage food” products in an unlicensed home kitchen that are non-potentially hazardous and that do not require refrigeration. The Colorado Cottage Foods Act allows individuals to make and sell a limited range of foods, including spices, teas, dehydrated produce, nuts, seeds, honey, jams, jellies, preserves, fruit butter, flour, and baked goods, including candies, fruit empanadas, and tortillas.

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