2022 CSU Extension Summer Interns Heading Across Colorado

In 2021, Azmal Hossan was a CSU Extension intern with the Western Colorado Research Center in Grand Valley, Colorado. Read more about Azmal’s internship.

We are kicking off the summer with CSU students heading to communities across Colorado for hands-on learning as part of the CSU Extension Internship Program. These projects cover a wide array of topics such as Natural Resources and Sustainability, Food and Agriculture, Youth Development, Economic and Community Development, Health and Well-Being, and Emergency Planning and Resources.

Meredith Moore, 4-H Youth Development Outdoor Education Intern for Arapahoe County, is spending her summer developing and implementing youth educational programming focusing on outdoor, environmental, and natural resource education.

“I believe this internship will help shape me into a better educator and researcher because I know I would not be where I am without the individuals and organizations invested in my learning and development,” Meredith said.

“As a researcher who is passionate about the environment and environmental communication, I have the opportunity to learn more about applying these skills within the community. Ultimately, I get a hands-on experience with stakeholders in order to make a valuable difference; I am confident this internship will provide me those opportunities and prepare me as a current and future educator invested in community engagement and youth development.”

Meredith’s experience is just one of the many internship stories here at CSU. Students get to take their education, experiences and passions to make a difference in Colorado communities with the support of their extension mentors.

Meredith’s mentor, Claudia Meeks, has over seven years of experience mentoring interns through Extension programs in Colorado and Tennessee. She enjoys providing students with transferable skills in problem-solving, teamwork, and adaptability. Through mentoring, Claudia encourages creativity and ownership of programs, teamwork and collaboration, and provides guidance to support student’s professional growth.

However, it isn’t just seasoned mentors guiding these interns. This summer, it is agronomy agent Kristi Bartolo’s first time stepping into the role of CSU Extension internship mentor.

“I am excited to be involved as a mentor in the CSU Summer Internship Program working with Cari [food and agriculture intern] on the State Fair planters and educational project,” Kristi said.

“I think there will be a good deal of information to share with and learn from her and the other members of this internship team as I have found that open lines of communication are key to successful and innovative programs.”

All in all, these interns and their mentors are here to learn with and support communities across Colorado.

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Cari Whittenburg is a Communication Studies Ph.D. student and CSU Extension intern working with the Office of Engagement and Extension and CAS Communications.