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A man and a woman smile at each other while picking applesCSU Extension is expanding access to mental health care in rural Colorado

For decades, Colorado AgrAbility has focused on helping farmers and ranchers with physical challenges live healthy and productive lives. However, seeing a growing need in recent years, they have doubled down on their efforts to improve access to mental health care in rural communities by hiring a full-time behavioral health specialist, partnering with organizations to provide free counseling sessions with agriculturally competent therapists and and exploring new ways to create bridges between their extensive network of community connections.

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Why healthy soil matters now more than ever

Jane Zelikova, executive director for Colorado State University’s Soil Carbon Solutions Center, explains how we can harness the powers of soils & microbes to help address the intersecting challenges of a rapidly changing climate, soil erosion, and sustainably feeding a growing population.

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Best Practices for Lawn Care in Colorado

When it comes to making your lawn stand out – whether dealing with weeds, getting rid of pesky insects or simplifying maintenance – CSU Extension has the resources to get you pointed in the right direction.



How to successfully garden at 8,400 feet

I live and garden at 8,400’ elevation in SW Colorado. My highest summer day-time temperatures usually don’t exceed 80 degrees F, with an occasional 90-degree day. My night-time temperatures are around 50 degrees. My frost-free growing season is around 100 days (I don’t have any weather data to use to calculate it).

Keeping Cats Out of Your Garden

"As a lifelong cat lover, I hate hearing about how much of a nuisance they can be to gardens and yards. Not to mention the stress they can put on the local bird population!"

Is It Too Late to Plant A Veggie Garden?

"Timing is critical when planting a vegetable garden, especially in the short-season areas of our state where every day counts to get a harvest. But what if you missed the recommended planting dates for your area?"

Connecting Coloradans

CSU’s Office of Engagement and Extension delivers on its land-grant mission by making the university’s educational programs, services and resources accessible to all, enabling individuals to act as agents of change and together build thriving communities.

Through outreach and engagement, we engage, serve, and work in partnership with communities for the co-creation of knowledge, addressing the needs of today and tomorrow.

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